More flash fiction

Janet Reid, literary agent, occasionally holds flash fiction challenges. I was happy to be pointed in that direction and took part in one the other night.

The challenge was to write a story of less than 100 words, containing the words heroic, alert, caring, lot and flammable. Here’s what I posted.

“Don’t take heroic measures,” we told them. Mom wasn’t going to make it to Alert Bay, much less to Royal Vic. Our local paramedics are a caring lot, not jaded like some in the city, so they did what they could until they could do no more. Jerry, the teacher who doubles as a mortician, asked when he could pick her up, if we needed anything.
“We’ll let you know. Soon.”
We took her to the beach, laid her on the sand, and looked for anything flammable that could help light driftwood.
She would have a right and proper burial.

I’ve been doing flash fiction challenges for the last little while as a way of flexing muscles I haven’t used for a while, and because they’re fun, but I suppose I need to actually finish a writing project that I’ve started.

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November 25, 2013 · 12:21

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